Space Clearing and Home Blessings

We all want our surroundings to feel supportive and harmonious. Space Clearing is a method that gently cleanses stagnant, unwanted or negative energy leaving your home or office feeling balanced, vibrant and renewed.

The Art of Space Clearing

A Space Clearing ceremony gently cleanses stagnant, unwanted or negative energy leaving a room feeling balanced, fresh and full of vitality. The air feels lighter. Colors are more vibrant. Old patterns are released. Everything feels renewed.

Nearly every culture has rituals of purification and ways of blessing a home. A ceremony to bless the home and the land is an ancient and valued tradition. I am honored to offer this sacred practice to you.

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Your Spaces Give Shape to Your Life

A Space Clearing or Home Blessing clears the way for what you desire most. It can help you:

Feel more cozy and “at home”
Promote health and well-being.
Enhance spiritual development. and personal growth.
Improve mental clarity.
Enhance productivity and creative flow.
Create breakthroughs in your life.
Feel more ease, freedom and joy.
Find a sense of peace.

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Deb Swingholm space clearing with Thai Gong, purify spaces with sound

When Should I Purify and Bless my Home?

Space Clearing techniques are useful:

As a Home Blessing, Housewarming, a Moving-in or a Moving-out ceremony.

To dedicate a new building, to prepare land before construction or to celebrate completion after construction.

When you experience BIG change in your life or when change is something you desire.

Anytime you feel blocked or “stuck”

Before and after any kind of healing work – massage, acupuncture or Reiki. Or before and after surgery or illness, or during medical recovery to help you relax, rest and heal with ease.

During important transitions such as having a baby, getting married, retirement, starting a new job, ending a relationship, starting a business.

Any time you are experiencing intense emotion like grief, anxiety or prolonged stress.

Space Clearing methods are effective for homes, offices and outdoor spaces – gardens, plots of land, forest, even farms and barns. It is also used in medical or hospital settings, massage studios, yoga studios and schools. Space Clearing also complements interior design and Feng Shui.

You can also use it to help sell your home faster! Ask about Feng Shui and Space Clearing for Real Estate.

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