Create a life you love

Step into your power

Work with me to remove the blocks and grow your spiritual skills. Trust your intuition and use it with confidence.  Learn how to balance your home.  Move in sync with the moon. Create personal rituals.  Discover the symbols of Divine Feminine and explore women’s sacred traditions. Let's go!


Connecting with the Goddess

Explore symbols and stories of the Sacred Feminine in her forms as Nourishing Mother, Warrioress, Creator, Crone, Queen, Magical Healer, Spinner and Weaver. She is present to support and guide you.

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Coaching and Intuitive Readings

Get one-on-one instruction or a private intuitive reading.  Tap into your own inner knowing and Wise Woman self.  I’ll support your spiritual journey, bring you messages from your guides and help you get to the root of healing, to find wholeness, freedom and inspiration.   

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Space Clearing and Home Blessings

Use these powerful techniques to re-align the energy of your home or office.   Let your spaces fully support your health, happiness, abundance, creativity and sense of peace.  Cleanse  negative or unwanted energy.   Restore balance.

Are you selling your home? Are you a real estate professional with a property that just won't sell? I can help with that, too.

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Classes, Workshops and Retreats

Live or online, you can gather with me and an intimate circle of like-minded souls.  Explore spiritual wisdom, sacred symbols, ritual and ancient women’s traditions.  Go deep and experience  life-changing insights, healing and lasting personal growth.