Classes, Workshops and Retreats

I love sharing what I've gathered in over 30 years of study and practice. Learn with me and explore a range of spiritual topics like: Developing and trusting your intuition. Sacred Symbols. Healing techniques. Goddess lore.  Most classes are or will be available online.

Practical Intuition

Yes. You are intuitive! Everyone is. But most of us have never been taught how to use it. It takes practice to trust your intuitive gifts.

In this course you'll discover your Intuitive Style and explore all the "clairs" - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, being an Empath and several others that are not well known.

Understand how YOUR intuition works. Trust your intuition more and act on it with confidence.

Your intuition is real, valuable and can add a powerful layer to all your decision-making and daily life.

*This series is available at my Patreon - soon to be available on Google Classroom


Symbols of the Sacred Feminine

There was a time – not so long ago – when humans saw the Divine as a woman. A wise, protective, nourishing Goddess. All around the world she was honored and today her symbols remain. They are recognizable. Powerful and magical. These symbols form a sacred vocabulary that evokes plants, animals, creation, transformation and all the cycles of the Earth.

Get to know some of these symbols, learn their meanings and sacred uses. Use them in your own art or spiritual practice.

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**available on Google Classroom


Goddess Retreats

Walking with the Goddess and Woman-Song. These gatherings are an initiation into the heart of the ancient traditions, symbols and stories of the Divine Feminine.

You’ll open a gateway to a wealth of feminine wisdom and experience a powerful spiritual awakening. Goddess will become your guide – she will support and inspire you every day. She’ll weave her magic in every part of your life.

Next retreat - November 2023
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Mystic Moon

In this video series I’ll guide you through the lunar phases and you can explore ways to connect and work more closely with Grandmother Moon.

Flow with the moon cycle and learn how it influences your creativity, intuition, healing and reaching your goals!

Next class to be announced

Simple Clutter Clearing

While it might be a very popular subject currently, the idea of clutter clearing your whole house can feel a little overwhelming. Yes? Let me guide you through a an easy, effective process.

Whether you are a beginner or a clutter-clearing expert, this is a heart-felt approach you’ll enjoy. With just a few minutes a day you will bring clarity and beauty to your home and make space for more abundance, self-care, creativity and confidence.

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The Beauty of Ritual

Ritual makes your prayers tangible and helps make your desires happen. It can be used to heal, manifest, bless, cleanse and release. I’ll show you step by step how to design a personal ritual - define your intention, then choose the stones, crystals, essential oils and other tools to make your ceremony powerful and effective.

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