Explore the Sacred

You are on a journey of awakening.

Within you is a lineage of wisdom, a deep intuitive knowing and flowing creativity.

Maybe you already know this and want to deepen it. Or you sense this but can’t seem to access it. Maybe you have a vague feeling of something inside you that is wild and whole and beautiful, but you have not wrapped your fingers around it quite yet.

I’d be honored to guide you.

Work With Me
Inn at The Rustic Gate labyrinth in Big Rapids, Michigan

Find Intuitive Solutions to Life's Challenges

Whether you're just starting or are well along your spiritual path, I offer you wise counsel, decades of experience and mastery. I help you explore your spiritual path in grounded, practical ways.

Listen to the wisdom of the Earth. Activate your intuition. Learn the ways of ceremony, ritual, poetry and prayer. Express your power, creativity and unique beauty.

Let's work together

The making of a Ritual Kit - Intentional Choices & Inspired Design

Bless, heal, anoint and purify with Sacred Water  - these are the tools you needWater Element Healing - these sacred tools will support your spiritual practice

  • Banish the Blocks

    Unravel unwanted patterns, release the past and move forward with ease.  

  • Find Community

    Connect with others on the spiritual path.  Be heard and supported.

  • Love Your Life

    Live with purpose. Find joy. Awaken creativity, self-expression & intuition   

Flowering Moon on Patreon

Join my community on Patreon. You'll find a private, cozy online space, away from the noise of social media where you have access to me and a virtual library filled with practical wisdom, actionable how-to’s and spiritual explorations.

Topics include: Grounding. Healing methods. Tools for Empaths. Developing your intuition. Sacred symbols. Goddess traditions. The power of ritual. Conscious politics. Working with sacred tools.

Choose a level that suits you. Change, upgrade or end your membership at any time.


Get in touch with the Divine Feminine

For centuries women have been divided, made silent, separated from our sacred traditions. We’ve been tamed. Talked out of listening to our deepest intuition. Our connection to our bodies and to Mother Earth has been cut. We've lost sight of the ancient Goddess who was honored by our ancestors.

It is time to change that.

Meet the Divine Feminine and find out how she speaks to you. Explore sacred traditions, ancient Goddess symbols, ritual and crafts – and weave these into your daily life in a way that brings you more power and passion.   

Now is time to remember and restore. Listen to the call of your soul. Nourish your Wise Woman spirit. Claim your feminine strengths. 

Meet Deb