Since I was a small girl growing up in Ohio a few themes have been part of my life: Nature. Art. Music. Travel.

Now I’ve been fortunate to travel the world and for over 16 years I lived in Asia and the Middle East.

Mystical places call to me. I love to walk on sacred ground, make flower offerings or create art in those places that have called to pilgrims and poets throughout time.

These are things that shape my work.

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Flowering Moon

My journeys have been many:  Wandering through the ancient temples of Artemis in Turkey or Jordan, placing garlands of flowers in what was once the altar niche. Exploring standing stones and dolmens in France near Carnac and slipping deep into the carved tumulus at Gavrinis and Locmariaquer. Lingering with the art and ancient artifacts in the museums of Paris and returning many evenings to Notre Dame for vespers. Touching the stones of the inner circle of Stonehenge. Sitting with weavers and spinners and healers in small mountain villages of Thailand and participating in ceremonies at Buddhist temples. 

In so many places I've gathered knowledge of ancient spiritual traditions, shamanic practices and participated in local rituals.  Everywhere I go I seek out the healers, weavers and storytellers – women who keep the secrets of myth and symbol. They are keepers of women’s sacred traditions.

I've spent decades learning from the best. I am a certified Master Teacher of Feng Shui and Space Clearing, I am also a Soul Coach, Reiki Master and gifted intuitive with 30 years experience in the field of personal development and transformation. As a photographer and writer, my work has been published in books and magazines internationally.  A weaver and hand spinner, I love putting beautiful fiber art into the world. 

People sometimes ask me about the name “Flowering Moon”. This is a traditional Native American name given to the moon cycle in May, my birth month. When I think of these words I imagine a delicate pink apple blossom unfolding. I feel a sense of possibility, the power of new life emerging. This creative energy is what I seek to express in the world though my art and teaching.

I see the beauty and interconnection in all things. I find wisdom in the ordinary. I watch for messages from my animal totems and listen closely when Goddess whispers in my ear. 

It would be my pleasure to assist and guide you.

Walk in Beauty,

Deb Swingholm's signature that says, Deb.

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