Intuitive Readings and Personal Spiritual Coaching

You are wise and intuitive. It is time tap into that deep well of inner knowing to create a life with ease and forward movement, more confidence and creativity.  I can help. 


Tap Into Your Own Inner Wisdom

Manifesting & Creating
Are you working on a new project? In the middle of a career move or a major life change? Are you manifesting something big? I can help you move forward with ease: Visualize and avoid pitfalls. Stay focused. Release fears and old patterns. Let's make your dreams happen!

Learn Spiritual Skills
Is there a particular spiritual skill you want to learn like smudging or how to create a personal ritual? Get private lessons.

Soul Coaching
Do you feel stuck in life? Wanting a breakthrough? Are you ready for healing? Is there a question you want an answer to or a problem you need to solve? Maybe there is a lingering feeling you can’t put your finger on. Let me guide the way to insight.

Unique to Your Journey
Coaching with me is a process of discovery and soul growth. No session is the same, each journey is tailored to your unique situation.

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Spiritual Solutions to Life's Challenges

I'll be honest. I don't know exactly how your session will go. The work we do often unfolds in ways that are unexpected. What I am sure of is the results will be powerful, deeply healing and long-lasting.

Life isn't linear. Solutions are not always logical. To support you, I draw on the intuitive skills and spiritual healing methods I have honed for more than 30 years.