Working With The Divine Feminine

There was a time – not so long ago – when humans saw the Divine as a woman. A wise, protective Goddess. Her forms were many:  Nourishing Mother. Warrioress. Mistress of Animals. Creatrix. Crone. Queen. Healer. Weaver and Spinner and giver of Crafts. 

Our hearts still remember.  Let me help you connect.  


Meet the Ancient Goddess

Years ago I encountered a book that shook my whole world: "When God Was a Woman" by Merlin Stone. It sparked a years-long inquiry into the past to a time when humans saw the Divine as a protective, nourishing, wise Goddess.

Her symbols were many: spiral, labyrinth, cave, lioness, owl and bee.

Nature was her cathedral.

She appeared as a young maiden, a terrifying crone, a birthing mother, a fierce warrioress, a magical healer. Her presence changed with the seasons.

She is still here. Waiting for you to arrive. Waiting for you to listen to her wisdom and receive her gifts of healing, creativity, leadership and magic. 

Turkey Temple of Athena at Prienerien

Divinely Feminine Power

You likely remember Goddesses like Athena and Artemis from stories of ancient Greece and Rome.

But what about Chang O or Ishtar? Have you heard the stories of Grandmother Spider or Sedna? Brigid and Freya?

The ancient Goddess speaks to us of women's sacred traditions, skills like working with medicinal herbs and crafts such as metalwork, weaving and spinning.

She reminds women of our rightful place as leaders, healers, and visionaries.

Are you ready to open this doorway between the past and the present?

Our world needs us to remember, reclaim and step into this lineage of power.

Read about the Goddess as "Queen Bee"

How would your life be different...

...if women were valued and honored? If you knew of a time when women's bodies, talents and skills were elevated and respected?

How would your life be different if you were heard, if your opinions and "knowings" were listened to?

Imagine yourself fully trusting your intuition. Free to be self-expressed. Standing confidently in your power. Owning your beauty. Sharing your gifts.

It is time.

You are on a journey of awakening. You are here to make a difference.

I see you.

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