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Find Your Word of the Year - 2023

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Every year about this time people start talking about their “word for the year”. But what is that? How can it support you? And how do you get one?

In many traditions, discerning a word is a practice of receiving guidance, spiritual nourishment or inspiration. This might be a word that is uplifting. It may just as easily be provoking, irritating, mysterious or challenging!

This will be a word that rises up to meet you — not just one that you choose randomly. This word offers wisdom to ponder. It is a word you can be guided by, a word or phrase that invites you to grow into it.

How do you arrive at such a word? Come with me on a little journey and find out. This is a mini-retreat to discover and discern your word for the year ahead. I’ll lead you through a simple process over 7 days; each day you get a different exercise or question to ponder. Each one bringing you closer to your word.

Once you receive your word, let me know.  You’ll get a handcrafted bowl with your word on it, created just for you by Gravesco Pottery.

Put your bowl near where you sleep, on your desk where you work or on your home altar. This little reminder keeps your word present and tangible as you explore it throughout the year.

We’ll begin on January 6!

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