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  • Venus of Willendorf candle for your ritual space or home altar
  • Venus of Willendorf beeswax candle - a Goddess image for your home altar
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Venus of Willendorf Beeswax Candle

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Venus of Willendorf was discovered in 1908 near Willendorf, Austria. She has been dated as having been carved 22,000-25,000 years ago during the upper Paleolithic period and is one of the oldest and most famous works of art in the world.  She is housed at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, but you can still enjoy her essence at home with this six inch tall pure beeswax candle.

Willendorf is envisioned as a fertility statue, an image of a revered Ancestress or a Mother Goddess.  Her presence evokes womanly power.  I hope you enjoy the addition of Venus of Willendorf to your ritual practice.

6" tall

30 hour burn time (but mine is on my altar, unburned as a statue)

Venus of Willendorf candle is handmade in New York in a certified living wage facility powered by the sun. In addition to focusing on the work/life balance of their employees, they give back to four humanitarian organizations.  I'll always focus on bringing you products that are thoughtfully sourced.