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Ritual is a powerful symbolic act that gives form to your prayers and tangible shape to your intentions. Each item is hand crafted with ethics, intention and sacred purpose.

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  • Ritual Hearth for working with Sacred Fire - intention setting, prayers, manifesting, release work
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Gravesco Pottery

Ritual Hearth | Large White

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The Ritual Hearth gives you a sacred place to work with the transformational power of the Fire Element in your spiritual practice. 

The Fire Element

Many rituals of protection, family unity, abundance and healing are centered on the hearth. My own Celtic ancestors often included fire in their spiritual practices. But most modern homes no longer have a fireplace.

A Ritual Hearth gives you a ritual space to call on the power of Sacred Fire to release, transform, manifest and heal.

When can you use your Ritual Hearth?

Healing. Manifesting. New Moon. New Year. Birthday. House Warming. Space Clearing Ceremony. Prayer gathering. A funeral.  A wedding. A land blessing.  You could give it as a gift. It can be used in so many ways – whatever you can imagine. In the instructions included, I’ll give you some sample rituals. Once you understand the framework, it will be easy to adapt and create your own.

Each Hearth is unique and handcrafted, no two are alike.