The Beauty of Ritual...and how it can support you every day

The Beauty of Ritual...and how it can support you every day

Ritual is a favorite topic of mine. But what is that and how can you use it in your daily life?

What is Ritual?
Ceremony and ritual are common practices around the world. It was once an important part of our own heritage - but nowadays we've largely forgotten about it, unless we're planning something like a wedding or christening.   

Ritual is transformative. At the root of it, ritual is a symbolic action that sends ripples of energy into the world. No matter how simple, a ceremony is a holy act.

Ritual makes your prayers tangible. It gives form to your desires. Ritual focuses light on your intentions and calls on your Ancestors, Spirit Helpers and Guides to support and assist you.  It opens the door to the Divine.

In traveling all over the world, I’ve noticed how every culture has its own unique ritual ways of honoring, healing, blessing and celebrating events. 

I've been fortunate enough to be part of New Year rituals in rural Laos, purification ceremonies in Bali, Spirit House offerings and building blessings in name a few.  

The practice of ritual is ancient, yet it can still serve us in this modern life.

Create your own personal rituals

Of course, there are rituals with a particular form and set of rules. But I tend to craft my own and draw on my intuition. You can do the same. 

A ritual can be as simple or elaborate as you like. 

The most important thing you need in order to craft your own personal ritual is a clear intention.  What are you trying to accomplish? Once you know that, think about how you can represent that desire and give it form. What actions, colors, symbols, tools or prayers can help make that real?

Sometimes it is a morning ritual: A handwoven altar cloth, a crystal and a candle. A quiet moment of reflection or a prayer of thanks. Now, feeling balanced and centered I can go about my day.

Other times my ritual is more elaborate. For example on the Summer Solstice I love to do a manifesting and gratitude ritual. On beautiful handmade paper, I draw or write my intentions and desires. I focus specifically on what I am creating and what I want to bring into my life. I may write thank you’s for all the support I’ve been given for particular projects that are growing and coming to fruition. Then I place those papers in a cast iron cauldron or my Blessing Hearth and burn them.

The Fire Element activates and honors. It releases, transforms and energizes.

When can you use a ritual?

You can create a ritual to help...

  • Manifest your dreams and goals.
  • Feel connected to the Earth and be in tune with seasonal cycles.
  • Work with the energy of the New Moon or the Full Moon.
  • Anytime you feel a need for extra protection or support.
  • Clear and purify yourself, an object or a place.
  • Give thanks and offer gratitude.
  • When you need healing in any way.
  • Release emotion, pain or trauma; releasing anger, sadness or grief.
  • Soothe stress or anxiety.
  • Initiate a new project or begin a creative venture.
  • Mark an important threshold or life event such as a buying a new home, job change, graduation, menopause, death, birth or birthdays.
  • Bless something like a river, a piece of land or a home.
  • When planting or harvesting or repairing the land.
  • Acknowledge the ending or beginning of a relationship.
  • Honor your ancestors

Some rituals are personal and solo. Some include other people, families or even whole communities.

If you want to go deeper feel free to get in touch.  And you can join me on Patreon for a more detailed exploration for creating your own personal rituals.

Also explore the Ritual Kits I've created for you with step by step instructions.